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Write a Bike by Juri Zaech

Write a Bike is a series of bike designs using the owners name as the frame design making every bike a personal item. All the illustrations are made for acquaintances of mine.

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henrique oliveira | baitogogo at palais de tokyo, paris

a complex network of organic material invades the architecture at the palais de tokyo in paris, in brazilian artist henrique oliveira’s ‘baitogogo’. the installation is a matrix of sculptural vegetation — unraveling, twisting, and plunging from existing pillars and beams. the massive form is both a hybrid of mediums and disciplines as well as a dimensional synthesis of site-specific structural elements. oliveira, known for his architectural integrations, manipulates the space by both extending and multiplying the columns, encasing the viewer in a dizzying circuit of knotted, root-like material. in a communion of urban design, plant life, and biology, the artist generates an immense audience reaction to the unexpected fusion of sculpture and space.

henrique oliveira
palais de tokyo, paris
now through september 9, 2013

Photography: andré morin | marc domage

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Ali Gulec (Turkey) 
Art prints for sale on @Curioos

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Plaza del Torico, located in Teruel, Spain; design and photography by Artec3

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Xi’an Westin Museum Hotel, Shaanxi, China | Neri & Hu

In an ancient capital of China, Neri&Hu Design Research Office’s design of the Westin in Xi’an emerges as a tribute to both the city’s importance as a hub of burgeoning growth in the region, as well as its long standing status as a cradle of Chinese civilization. With 3,100 years of history embedded in the layers of the city, Xi’an is not merely a formidable backdrop to the building itself but has provided the architects with design inspirations that inextricably link its past to its present and future.

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vladimir djurovic | completes stepped hariri memorial, beirut, lebanon

ex-prime minister of lebanon rafic hariri was an important figure in the ambitious reconstruction efforts of war-torn beirut’s historic center. after his assassination on february 14th, 2005, landscape architect vladimir djurovic was commissioned to design a public space and memorial to honor hariri’s accomplishments. located near the center, the sloping triangular site was left as open as possible to free some breathing space in a densely packed urban fabric. gently sloping granite steps connect two patches of grassy lawn located at either end of the site, lined with jacaranda trees that inject a sense of cyclical rebirth. each of the steps leading into the town speaks to its rebuilding and offer a short promenade inviting visitors. alongside the steps, granite slabs contain vast pools of calmly flowing water that mark the continuity of the city.

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Maldives by Cherry Blossom Girl


Extensión del Museo Marítimo

Ílhao, Portugal

ARX arquitectectos

Source: Plataforma arquitectura

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